'The Fallen Romantic’ 

The début Katrina Leigh lingerie collection ‘The Fallen Romantic’, for Autumn/Winter 2012, inspired by the concept of the fallen woman. 


When women encounter pain they take on a variety of emotions: jealously, hurt, anger, vengefulness, sadness and frustration….

This collection tells the story of a girl who has been hurt. She has cried for what she has lost, become angry, and tried to point blame, only growing more frustrated with herself... This is her revival; she will no longer allow herself to be a victim of her pain and suffering. Taking control of her emotions she is opening herself up to new possibilities, with the hope that one day soon she will trust herself to love. 

She has transformed herself into an enchanting seductress and utilises her own sexual power.

Both feminine and powerful, this girl takes the drama, pain and revenge, and starts to breath again:

Dominant yet innocent, enticing yet concealed, vengeful yet 

forgiving... she will be ready to free herself for love

but for now...

She is a Fallen Romantic...


The fallen romantic requires comfort and femininity in her daily support. This belief developed into the logistical challenge of learning lingerie construction matched with a strongly unique and functional design aesthetic. I used features that flattered and exposed the female body to illustrate my concept and create a collection that combines feminine textures and fabrics with structure that emphasised all that is womanly. The Fallen Romantic lingerie range encompasses the classic cut and style of lingerie with an enticing and feminine aesthetic designed to enchant.