Katrina Leigh 

Katrina Leigh is high-end lingerie and sleepwear designed to embrace all sizes and forms, heightening women’s femininity, while offering support and comfort.

While many brands push-up and suck in, Katrina Leigh lingerie is designed to build on that which is already Perfect.


"Early in 2010 I lost my grandmother to breast cancer, she was the 5th generation in my family to pass from the disease. Along with my own personal experiences with breast tumours, I felt a deep connection to the female breast and figure. This collection is a reflection of my journey through 2011 as I struggled with personal scars both physical and emotional. This collection has allowed my personal and professional growth as well as better understanding of my own creative process."

                  -Katrina Leigh Gaskin


There are exciting times on the horizon full of fashion shows, new collections and the Katrina Leigh Lingerie brand going Global!

Accompanying the new lingerie collections, Katrina Leigh will branch out into Sleepwear, Wedding Lingerie, Custom/One-off designs and our popular ready to wear range.